Node Hacking - 2018

The Nodes were three large set pieces built for Event Horizon (2018), a Blockbuster Style Live-Action Roleplaying Experience (LARP). Over 90 players had to solve a series of mechanical puzzles to 'unlock' the nodes, then simulate hacking the computers housed within to gain control of the 'planetary network.' I developed the multiplayer digital puzzles and helped design the set pieces.

Read more about my work with Event Horizon as the Director of Technology here.

Project Sesh@ - 2018

Project Sesh@ is a medium length game (~30 min playtime) about artificial intelligence and oppressive regimes. It was developed by a group of 9 as part of Video Game Writing class.

Access Denied - 2017

"In Access Denied, play out the journey of a small bot with big questions - and maybe, if you can evade all the forces in your way, make something better for yourself." Access Denied was developed in partnership with Richard Lin for a Unity Game Design class.

Snatched By The Wind - 2017

Snatched By The Wind is a short game about overcoming loneliness. It was on display as part of Kaleidoscope: Mental Health Coming into Focus, an art exhibit at Stanford.

Indecision - 2016

Indecision is a short game about loss and grief, written for a high school creative writing class. It was my first foray into game development.

Writing Projects

Caravan Dogs - 2018

Caravan Dogs is a high-stakes live-action roleplaying experience written for 20-100 players. Participants play as members of the merchant families making up the Caravan Guild, using board game mechanics to vy for power, prestige, and economic prowess. It was run at The Wayfinder Experience during the summer of 2018, and will be run in October at Big Bad Con.

Second Chance at the Last Stop - 2016

Second Chance at the Last Stop is a live-action rolepaying experience written for ~100 players. In it, people inhabit an afterlife space overlaying the real world and do what they can to seek closure... and stay 'alive.' It was run at The Wayfinder Experience's 2016 Advanced Camp.

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